Wave Variation: Glissando

This is the seventh vocal exercise from the Resonance LAB, Wave Variation: Glissando.
This is a new variation on the Waves exercise with long, Single Tones (exercise 5). It takes place in a similar setting as previous wave exercises: 4 of 5 groups are spread around the space with a maximum of 10 people in each group including a leader. A leader provides a tone to their group. Instead of introducing it softly or starting the tone abruptly with their group, the tone is now the beginning of a glissando. For now, make sure that the glissando has a clear starting tone and a landing tone, so from one pitch to another (up or down). A gesture which helps the leader to communicate with their group is by creating a timeline with their hands.

Try it out with your vocal group or choir! Film the results and upload your video in the comment section on this page in order to share your results with other singers and vocal leaders of The Resonance LAB. We’re curious to see your results!