Wave Variation: Loud Notes

This is the sixth vocal exercise from the Resonance LAB, Wave Variation: Loud Notes.
The Single Tone Wave exercise can be used to build up on the previous exercise, Single Tone Wave, or can be mixed into it.

Similar to exercise 5, you’re in small group of singers, spread out across a space. There’s a leader in each group who is responsible for dynamics of the group & pitch. The leader needs to make clear which single tone their group will sing collectively. Rather than letting it grow softly, sing the tone together with confidence & loudness. Let it down again and after a short break, start with another tone so a kind of melody appears since other groups are in a similar process. It’s important that the leader takes it slow and provides a pause so that single tones can emerge from different groups as well.

Try it out with your vocal group or choir! Film the results and upload your video in the comment section on this page in order to share your results with other singers and vocal leaders of The Resonance LAB. We’re curious to see your results!