A Surprise of Beauty

A Surprise of Beauty is the first exercise of The Resonance LAB.

The exercise starts with a random sound, sung by all singers at the same time. Start off by taking a breath, all at the same time and then sing a random tone that suits your voice. The result is a chord which cannot be predicted. In the span of one breath, slide up or down to adjust your tone, to see if you can find harmony with the sounds of your fellow singers.

Try it out with your vocal group or choir! If you are a member of The Resonance LAB, you are invited to do the exercise with your vocal group, film the results and upload your video in the comment section on this page  in order to share your results with other singers and vocal leaders of The Resonance LAB. More information on how to share your video response with us, can be found here. We’re curious to see your results!