Alberto Carlini

Description of my ambitions:
Koral is a tech startup and a social enterprise which is making choral practice more accessible through technology, so that people can just focus on what matters most i.e. making music together. Koral is spreading choral singing with the aim of increasing the quality of life of individuals and communities: social, psychological and physical benefits of choral singing are indeed widely proved and recognized. More accessible choral music means that anybody can lead an informal choral singing session, even as a Saturday night one-time initiative, without necessarily being a conductor or being able to (sight) read music. By promoting cultural practice, Koral is also fostering cultural consumption, thus bringing a positive impact within the cultural ecosystem. The first product Koral is launching (Jan’16) is an e-learning platform for choral songs: try it now at

I’m very proud of:
The [nonprofit + social impact + economic sustainability + fast growth] vision that the Koral team has been developing during the last year.

You can contact me about:
Any tech+choir idea / project / collaboration. Any info on Koral


Email: carlini.alberto[at]